2. Age and Academic Requirements


  • Nursery I must be 3 years & 5 months in June
  • Nursery II must be 4 years old in June
  • Kindergarten must be 5 years old in June

Grade School

  • Grade 1 applicant must be 6 years old in June and must have attended Kindergarten I or II classes in a DepEd recognized Kindergarten School.
  • Grade 2 to Grade 5 must have no grades below 85%
  • Must have a good mark in Conduct

High School

  • Must have completed the elementary course
  • No rating below 85% in any grading period
  • Must have a good mark in Conduct
  1. Documentary Requirements
  • Birth Certificate (1 clear photocopy. The original has to be presented for verification purposes only.
  • Baptismal Certificate (1 photocopy ) for Catholics only
  • 2 x 2 ID picture ( 1pc )
  • Report Card (latest)
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character / Recommendation Letter
  • Entrance Exam Result


  1. OLD STUDENTS : ( K II to Year IV )
  • Report Card
  • Summer Grade (HS only)
  • NSO Birth Certificate (clear photocopy) for H.S. graduating class only



In addition to the above mentioned requirements, foreign students must submit the following :

Sec.9(A)Tourist Visa or   Temporary Visitor Sec. 9(G)Missionary or Commercial Sec.13 (G)Permanent Residency SSRV(Special Retiree’s Resident Visa)
__ ACR ICard (latest)__ Passport/Visa Validity

__ DepEd. Evaluation Report

__ SSP (Special Study Permit)


__ ACR ICard (latest)__ Passport/Visa Validity

__ Cert. of Recognition

(child is recognized as dependent)

___ DepEd. Evaluation Report


___ ACR ICard (latest)___ Passport/Visa Validity

___ Immigrant Cert. of Residency

___ DepEd. Evaluation Report


___ SSRV ICard___ ACR ICard (latest)

___ DepEd. Evaluation Report



  • Passport/VISA validity (clear photocopy). The original has to be presented for verification
  • ACR ICard – Alien Certificate of Residency (latest)
  • SSP – Special Study Permit (to be submitted upon enrolment)
  • of Recognition (for Sec. 9(G) only – Missionary or Commercial)
  • Immigrant Cert. of Residency (for Sec. 13 (G) only – Permanent Residency)
  • SSRV ICard (Special Retiree’s Resident Visa)