It was last August 27, 2017 (Sunday) when the SMAD Community and registered participants gathered to enjoy an early morning color fun run at SMAD campus. The event was organized by the SMAD-AA (Stella Maris Academy of Davao Alumni Association) united in their Animo  SMAD and inspired by Saint Candida’s virtues which promotes fellowship amongst the Alumni and a healthy lifestyle.


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21149900_1633494703349995_5199404739323123857_n 21192333_1633494516683347_6626436474984386131_n

21106343_1633494586683340_1816751434414105651_n 21151602_1633494970016635_599276260604730150_n

Everybody gathered as early as 5:00am. The first part was the Zumba at the school grounds while the runners started to gather in front of SMAD gate 2. Gun start for 10km runners was at 5:30 am, while 5:45am for 5km. and 5:50am for 3km.

21106370_1633495236683275_8532273054529770498_n  21106712_1633495436683255_1911928808223508761_n

21105943_1633495050016627_7455093360535677613_n  21106498_1633103003389165_9079286915233538352_n



21032893_1633102930055839_1605297393805592121_n 21077395_1633102170055915_4802887776450780890_n 21078631_1633103186722480_5053407773561299644_n 21105459_10155010632819952_8750175282572672748_n

After the run, the Zumba session resumed and raffle tickets were made together with other fun activities.

21106637_1633103086722490_2867263194236453653_n  21077376_1633102743389191_2279593248305493067_n

Everybody had fun and it was a beautiful experience especially for the community members having active healthy lifestyle.

The opening of the Alumni Sports fest with ball games followed the event. The Sports fest ended at 5:00pm.

21077270_1633102990055833_3924327796726733539_n 21105772_1633102593389206_5076990394601119993_n




1 Fri        BSP INDOOR CAMP: First – Junior and Senior (Day 1)
2 Sat       BSP INDOOR CAMP: First – Junior and Senior (Day 2)
2 Sat       RECOLLECTION: Gr.5 St. Michael / Gr.7 Charity
3 Sun
4 Mon
5 Tue
6 Wed
7 Thu      CONFESSION: Gr.3 Communicants
8 Fri       Mama Mary’s Birthday Celebration
8 Fri       A.M. – REPORT CARD DISTRIBUTION: N2 to GR.12
8 Fri       P.M. – Faculty Development Session with Sister Leoly Quitorio, F.I.
9 Sat
10 Sun
11 Mon    2nd UNIT TEST: (Day 1) SHS
12 Tue     2nd UNIT TEST: (Day 2) SHS (Day 1) GS & JHS
13 Wed    2nd UNIT TEST: (Day 3) SHS (Day 2) GS & JHS
14 Thu     2nd UNIT TEST: (Day 4) SHS (Day 3) GS & JHS
15 Fri       2nd UNIT TEST: (Day 5) SHS (Day 4) GS & JHS
15 Fri       1ST PTA Homeroom Meeting
15 Fri       MATH & SCIENCE Day Camp (Day 1): JHS
16 Sat      MATH & SCIENCE Day Camp (Day 2): JHS (Day 1) GS
16 Sat      RECOLLECTION: Gr.7 Chastity /Courage Gr.4 St. Dominic
18 Mon   MBTI Test: Grade 11
19 Tue
21 Thu     SMAD INTRAMURALS 2017
22 Fri      SMAD INTRAMURALS 2017
23 Sat      FIRST COMMUNION: Grade 3
23 Sat      SCOUTS DAY CAMP: Gr.2 KAB & Star Scouts
23 Sat      MATH & SCIENCE Tree Planting: JHS
23 Sat      RECOLLECTION: Gr.7 Faith / Fortitude Gr.4 St. James
24 Sun
25 Mon
26 Tue
29 Fri       PACT/POIS Test: Gr.9
29 Fri       CSAT: Gr.12
30 Sat       GSP INDOOR CAMP: Junior – Gr. 5 and 6
30 Sat       RECOLLECTION: Gr.8 Hope / Honesty Gr. 4 St. Francis of Assisi
* PTA Bloodletting               * Camp Rally
* DACS Meet                         * BSP Jamboree




1 Sun
2 Mon        LAUNCHING: Rosary & Mission Month
2 Mon        DAT: Grade 11
3 Tue        LAUNCHING: United Nation
4 Wed
5 Thu        HOLY MASS
6 Fri
7 Sat
8 Sun
9 Mon        2ND PERIODICAL TEST: (Day 1) SHS 1ST PT: (Day1)N1
10 Tue        2ND PERIODICAL TEST: (Day 2) SHS (Day 1) GS&JHS 1ST PT: (Day2)N1
11 Wed       2ND PERIODICAL TEST: (Day 3) SHS (Day 2) GS&JHS 1ST PT: (Day3)N1
12 Thu        2ND PERIODICAL TEST: (Day 4) SHS (Day 3) GS&JHS 1ST PT: (Day4)N1
13 Fri          2ND PERIODICAL TEST: (Day 5) SHS (Day 4) GS&JHS 1ST PT: (Day5)N1
14 Sat         PRE-SCHOOL FUN DAY
14 Sat         RECOLLECTION: Gr.8 Humility/Integrity Gr.4 St. Joseph
15 Sun
16 Mon
17 Tue        Career Tour: Gr.11
18 Wed
21 Sat         RECOLLECTION: Gr.8 Generosity Gr.9 Love Gr.4 St. Matthew
21 Sat         SCOUTS DAY CAMP: Gr.3 KAB & Star Scouts
22 Sun
23 Mon      CAREER DAY: Grade 10
24 Tue       CAREER DAY: Grade 12
25 Wed      CULMINATION: Rosary & Mission Month
26 Thu       CULMINATION: United Nation
27 Fri          S E M E S T R A L V A C A T I O N
28 Sat
29 Sun
30 Mon
31 Tue        Special Non-working Day (in observance of All Souls’ Day)
* PTA Socials Night

love for mary



1 Wed        All Saints’ Day
2 Thu        All Souls’ Day
3 Fri
4 Sat
5 Sun
6 Mon
7 Tue         C L A S S E S R E S U M E
8 Wed       LAUNCHING: Mindanao Week for Peace / Christmas Fund Drive
9 Thu
11 Sat
12 Sun
13 Mon      3rd UNIT TEST: (Day 1) SHS (Day 1) GS & JHS 2ND P.T.: (Day 1) N2 & K
14 Tue       3rd UNIT TEST: (Day 2) SHS (Day 1) GS & JHS 2ND P.T.: (Day 2) N2 & K
15 Wed      3rd UNIT TEST: (Day 3) SHS (Day 2) GS & JHS 2ND P.T.: (Day 3) N2 & K
16 Thu       3rd UNIT TEST: (Day 4) SHS (Day 3) GS & JHS 2ND P.T.: (Day 4) N2 & K
17 Fri         3rd UNIT TEST: (Day 5) SHS (Day 4) GS & JHS 2ND P.T.: (Day 5) N2 & K
17 Fri         BSP INDOOR CAMP: Junior and Senior (Day 1)
17 Fri         Peace Camp (Day 1)
18 Sat        BSP INDOOR CAMP: Junior and Senior (Day 2)
18 Sat        Peace Camp (Day 2)
18 Sat        RECOLLECTION: Gr.9 Joy / Loyalty
19 Sun       RECOLLECTION: Confirmand’s Parents
21 Tue
22 Wed     CONFESSION: Gr.6 Confirmands
23 Thu
24 Fri         2nd PTA Homeroom Meeting
24 Fri         GSP INDOOR CAMP: Junior – Gr.4 (Day 1)
25 Sat         GSP INDOOR CAMP: Junior – Gr.4 (Day 2)
25 Sat         RECOLLECTION: Gr.9 Modesty / Justice
25 Sat         CONFIRMATION: Grade 6
26 Sun        PTA Advent Recollection
27 Mon
28 Tue
29 Wed
30 Thu       Regular Holiday: Bonifacio Day
* GSP Council wide Camping

love for god

PCNE2 and the Apostolic Visit of Pope Francis: the Marisians’ Experience


Sr. Lee, F.I., Frances Jayno, Hyde Cartoneros, Pia Puentespina, Gab Sepulchre, Claudine Barroso, Chrence Go, Sr. Caridad, F.I.; kneeling: Justine Rasonabe, Ianna Palabyab, Paolo Puentespina and Zoe Huang.

Ten Marisian delegates and two Hijas de Jesus Sisters traveled to Manila last January 14, 2015 to attend the Philippine Conference on the New Evangelization 2 at the University of Sto. Tomas, Manila, held on January 15-18, 2015, in time for the apostolic visit of the Holy Father, Pope Francis. Full of excitement and joy, the group arrived in Manila at midday, and after the lunch at the airport, they proceeded to visit Manresa School in Paranaque City, a sister school of SMAD. They were welcomed by the Manresan students at the gate 1, to the delight and surprise of the visiting group. This was followed by an ocular visit of the school under the guidance of the welcoming students and teachers.

The group proceeded to Manresa Retreat House where they will be housed for the duration of their stay in Manila.


Very early the next morning, the Marisians traveled to UST, at the Quadricentennial Pavillion, where they lined up immediately for registration and get their kits. They had breakfast at a fastfood inside the UST compound, and returned to the pavilion to settle down and prepare for the opening ceremony.

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??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????



The Conference officially opened with the Misa ng Bayang Pilipino, officiated by His Eminence, Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle, and more than a hundred concelebrating priests with more than 8000 delegates composed of priests, bishops, religious, laity and youth, and participants from archdioceses and dioceses all over the country.


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Part of the Mass was the dancing of SUBLI performed by dancers from the province of Batangas- which is a folk dance connected to the veneration of the Holy Cross. Beforehand, as part of the participants’ kit, castanets made from bamboo and buntal hats were given so that they can participate in this opening rituals. Castanet sound could be heard all over the pavillion while the dancers danced  the Subli.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????         During his homily, Cardinal Tagle admitted to being uncertain whether to push thru with PCNE2 or not at the time of the Papal Visit. But seeing the sheer number of participants, counting to 8000+, he considered it God’s action, and referred to the assembly as a “living cenacle”, the upper room, where Mary and the apostles waited for the coming of the Holy Spirit, but this time, it is for the arrival of the Holy Father. He challenged the participants to remain focused and take this PCNE2 seriously, allowing God to knock at every one’s heart, to show his love, mercy and compassion in the midst of all the difficulties of life. The Beatitudes, from where the theme came from “Blessed are you…” invite all towards the path of holiness and make all of us active evangelizers, proclaimers of God’s love and faithfulness.

After the Opening Mass, a talk show followed hosted by no less than Cardinal Tagle himself, entitled “Heart to Heart Talk” with his guests namely: actress Nora Aunor, broadcaster Ted Failon, Commission on Audit secretary Heidi Mendoza, Children Peace Prize Awardee Chris `Kesz’ Valdez, mother of Jonas Burgos, Editha Burgos, and businessman Christian leader Bobby Atendido.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

The guests shared their experiences of being blessed even as they went through  the seemingly worst situations in their lives, finding God and blessedness in the midst of “enemies” or trials.
“This interview which served as a new and creative way of communicating the Gospel highlights, the Beatitudes, and  how the experiences of pains and struggles turned into blessings of hope, courage, peace, and spirituality. “Panginoon, ito pala ang exit ko, lunod hindi ambush”, said media man Failon at the height of Yolanda in Leyte.

From being a street child and scavenger to a young advocate for children, Chris `Kesz’ Valdez shared how at his early life he lived at a cemetery and almost burned after being pushed during a stampede. After winning the international award, he has already gone a long way in terms of helping other poor children and to date, has helped educate around 63 000 of them.

“Firm faith makes you honest. Kayang tanggihan ang suhol,” Commisioner Heidi Mendoza declared. She shared that her job as a public servant poses a lot of challenges and temptations to give in, but she firmly stated that many in the government, like her, are also honest.” (Lifted from FAITHBOOK-official gazette of the PCNE II).

To be continued…




SMAD F.I.L.E.A.’s Encounter with the Catechists in Lasang, Davao City

The members of the F.I. Lay Educators – Associates (F.I.L.E.A.) of Stella Maris Academy of Davao met and facilitated the Advent Recollection of eighty (80) Catechists of San Juan Parish in Lasang, Davao City last December 22, 2014. The facilitators were Dr. Rodilla Tumanda, Mrs. Carmela Vigonte, and Mrs. Maria Celia Magpantay. The activity started at 9:00 in the morning and ended at 2:00 in the afternoon. The sessions focused on one’s giftedness, preparation for Christmas, reconciliation, and gift giving. Each session was highlighted by the sharing of experiences of the participants.


The other F.I.L.E.A. members who were present and extended their assistance were Mr. Gil Juanico, Mrs. Annabel Palarca, Mrs. Melinda Sagaray, Ms. Ely Villacorta, and Mrs. Nilda San Juan. The group gave umbrellas and instruction materials to all the Catechists after the sessions.

It has been a yearly outreach activity of F.I.L.E.A. members to spend a day with the Catechists of San Juan Parish to share their expertise and gifts in collaboration with the Hijas de Jesus Sisters. Collaborating in the mission of the F.I. Sisters is one of the objectives of F.I.L.E.A.

Moreover, the F.I.L.E.A. members were very grateful to Sr. Caridad Ramirez, F.I. who accompanied the group in going to Lasang, Davao City, and to Sr. Eufemia Pomado, F.I., Superior of Hijas de Jesus Apostolate in Lasang for her hospitality. The group also was very thankful to all the generous people who extended their help to make the activity successful.

Furthermore, the F.I.L.E.A. members were also pleased to meet the lay educators from Sacred Heart – Hijas, Cebu who had their exposure in Lasang.

Written by Dr. Rodilla Tumanda


20141222_092459 20141222_093137 20141222_093809 20141222_094042 20141222_094159 20141222_100639 20141222_100650 20141222_103115 20141222_111506 20141222_114252



SMAD Shares Joy This Christmas

On December 20, 2014, at 8:00 to 10:00 A.M.,  the whole force of SMAD Administration, Faculty and Staff, maintenance personnel, F.I. youth and HSCC officers, led by Sr. Caridad Ramirez, F.I., in charge of the Reach-out Ministry, took charge of distributing the goods to the one thousand and more people from some of the depressed areas in the neighboring GKK  and even from  far sections in the city. Early in the morning, many of the people already began lining up in the designated area. The people came in groups, many on foot, while others were brought by jeepneys.

The goods have been donated by many generous people, parents of our students, benefactors and friends, alumni, and even the faculty and staff themselves and students. All these were gathered and then packed by the same people as could be seen in the previous write up… May God bless all these generous-hearted people for the kindness and love they have shown to our brothers and sisters who are most in need, especially at this season of love.

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The Christmas Pageant at SMAD


Mary- Anya Mercader; Joseph – Leo Abella

SMAD’s  school grounds became a big stage when it held a Christmas Tableau, which was the introduction and prayer before the start of the school’s Christmas parties in all levels. The show gave meaning to the celebration of the day in its real context : the birthday of Jesus. With the participation of the Administration, Faculty and staff, and students, the colorful and lively yet solemn event made everybody happy. The weather collaborated by not bringing in rain although prior to this time, rain was persistent, giving the organizers and participants a little doubt whether the whole thing will push through. God’s providence and blessings were palpable when the whole tableau was finished. The SMAD Choir, which won the top award in the recent choral competition showcased its winning form and performance after the event was finished, a fitting offering to Jesus on the occasion of his birth.


The Angels- selected Grade two and three pupils


The Angel Gabriel- Ethan Saavedra


the Shepherds- Diego and Gelo


The Children visit Jesus …


     IMG_0959 IMG_0961 IMG_0963 IMG_0965


The Magi- Sirs Peter Paul Sigue, Carlo Fuerzas and Rey Tiongco



Angel Gabriel-Ethan Saavedra


The Three Magi


Star Bearer- Sir Jay Kenneth Espanto


All Star Cast


Mary and the Animals


The Shepherd- Gelo


Emperor Augustus Caesar- Chrence Go


Narrator- Ben Catulong


The Prophets- Sirs Jarwin de la Victoria and Godfrey Calipayan


Sir Jayron Maprangala and his Choir


The Children adore the Baby Jesus

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Celebrating the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception

Last December 8, 2014, Stella Maris Academy of Davao celebrated the Feast of the Immaculate Conception with a Eucharist held at the Sky Gym. This was officiated by Rev. Fr. Chris Ganzon, a Marist priest. The members of the SMAD Educative Community also commemorated the the 143rd anniversary of the foundation of the Congregation of the Hijas de Jesus.

.IMG_0812 IMG_0813 IMG_0837 IMG_0839 IMG_0842 IMG_0844

Honoring Mama Mary with flowers offered by the pupils and by the representatives from the different departments

IMG_0854 IMG_0855 IMG_0856 IMG_0857

After the Eucharistic celebration, students from the Davao School of the Blind serenaded the community with their orchestral ensemble with various Christmas songs. For the past few years, students from the said school have been frequent visitors to Stella Maris during this time of the year. The Marisians were asked to donate any amount that they had, to which the students responded enthusiastically and generously


Sr. Lourdes addressing the band players

IMG_0861 IMG_0865 IMG_0871 IMG_0879


The SMAD Educative Community Prepares for Share-A-Joy

The SMAD Faculty and Staff came in full force last December 13, Saturday, for the packing event in preparation for the Share-A-Joy- for more than a thousand families in the depressed areas around Obrero and nearby places targeted by the Reach out Ministry grourounds fronting the Chapel The school grounds fronting the Chapel and Pastoral Ministry Office became a virtual supermarket, complete with different departments with the faculty and staff themselves manning them. A big thanks to all who donated goods and financial support for this project of sharing our joy this Christmas  with our less fortunate brothers and sisters. May God bless you all!


The general view


The Rice Baggers- Rice department


The Soap Packing Department


The Canned Goods Packers


more rice packers


Soap packing department


Canned Goods Area


“Ukay-Ukay” Area


More Clothes



and still more…


More Images of the Packing event

The toys department

The toys department


Other packing

The following are the most generous sections for the Share-a-joy fund drive:

Nursery A and B; Nursery 2- White and Violet;  Kinder 2- Gold and Peach; Grade 1, St. Agnes, St. Lucy and St. Rita; Grade 2- St. Mark, St. Peter and St. Paul; Grade 3- St. Catherine, St. Teresa and St. Claire; Grade 4- St. Dominic and St. Matthew; Grade 5- St. Bernadette, St. Ma. Gorreti and St. Thomas; Grade 6- St. Elizabeth, St. Ignatius and St. Therese.

For the High School:

Grade 7- Charity and Courage; Grade 8- Honesty and Hope; Grade 9- Joy and Love; and Year IV- Peace and Patience






SMAD Celebrates 61st Foundation Anniversary


The festivities on the 61st Foundation anniversary of Stella Maris Academy opened with a Eucharistic celebration last December 5, 2014, with our Parish Priest, Rev. Msgr. Paul Cuison, JCD officiating. The theme of the event, “With love and thanksgiving, we praise you, Father…” was a fitting expression of what the whole educative community feels on this important occasion particularly because of the many blessings and graces  received during this year.


Rev. Msgr. Paul Cuison, JCD, our Parish Priest, and Celebrant of our Mass


The whole educative community at Mass


Offering of flowers to Mama Mary

After the mass, our School Directress, Sr. Lourdes M. Marzoria, F.I. gave a message to the whole educative community and asked to pray for our brothers and sisters who will be affected by the incoming typhoon, Typhoon Ruby. After her message, the whole community prayed the rosary for this special intention.

After this  the official opening of the program followed with the the Singing of “Lupang Hinirang” by the School Choir under Mr. Jayron Maprangala…


The school Choir, Mr. Jayron Maprangala-conducting

In the morning, there was an exhibition game of basketball between the faculty and the parents amidst the cheering of the Marisians who enjoyed watching. Meanwhile, the booth fair went on. There were plenty of booths which sold foodstuffs including pizzas, ham and cheese rolls, cookies and many more. Allegro, an ice cream manufacturer, sold ice cream and at the same time provided the younger Marisians some fun by having a promo that when you buy ice cream one could also get a free slide down their inflatable bouncy slide. There was also a photo booth where you can take a photo as a remembrance and a dart game booth, an xbox booth where one could can play many games or dance and other adventures. A movie booth put up by the Guidance personnel presented three movies.

The ambience at the foods and games court…

???????????????????????????????  DSC07951 ???????????????????????????????     DSC07949

On the second day, December 6,2014,  the field demonstration day was held,  with each grade/Year level presenting dances according to a theme which was connected to main theme.

The morning started with a prayer rendered by the Friends of Juanita, followed by the entry of colors and the singing of the National Anthem as well as  the parade of representatives from the different levels who danced to the song “Happy” by Pharell Williams.

The Friends of Juanita prepare for the Invocation

The Friends of Juanita prepare for the Invocation


The Friends of Juanita

The Boys Scouts in their Entry of Colors

The Boys Scouts in their Entry of Colors

The Presentation of each level was preceded by the reading of a synopsis…

Nursery 1:  Love Moves for Jesus …Every move, every breath and every step we do, we make it for Jesus.


Love Moves for Jesus


Every move, every breath and every step we do, we make it for Jesus.

Nursery 2- Morning Session

Wings of Love for Jesus

As children of God, we sing and dance for Him for he has triumphed gloriously. We praise and exalt Him for the Lord our God is our strength, our song and our victory. Indeed there is power in Jesus. We fully recognize Jesus’ love and wonder-working power in us.


Wings of Love for Jesus


Through our actions, we can truly express that there is power in Jesus.

Nursery 2-Afternoon Session



Stand Together for Jesus


And whatever comes our way, our God will give us strength. Through Him we are brave and strong.

Kinder 2-Morning Session

Thank You for the Blessings


Thank you for the Blessings


To love Jesus is to reflect the love that God has for us, for this is true gratitude to God.

Kinder 2. Afternoon session

Tri-people Living in Love and Harmony

The tri-people in Mindanao is composed of Muslims, Lumads and Christians. We, Marisians, pray for peace, love and harmony of all, as children of the same Almighty Father. As one family of God, we show compassion to our brothers and sisters and we thank them for living in love and harmony with us.

IMG_0314 IMG_0315 IMG_0319 IMG_0325

Grade One

Dance of the Bounty

Mindanao has been blessed with resources that sustain the regional and national sufficiency of the country. We, the people of Mindanao are grateful for the abundance … We take pride and feel grateful for the responsibility and stewardship for the gifts God…

IMG_0334 IMG_0335 IMG_0342IMG_0338

Grade Two

Kalinaw sa Tribo Mindawan

A quest for Peace in Mindanao is in the heart of every loving Mindanaoan. There are three noble tribes in Mindanao: the Bagobo Tribe, the Mandaya Tribe and the Maranac Tribe. Despiie the differing views in faith, from Christianity to Islam to animistic beliefs, the people of Davao co-exist and live harmoniously. Mutual respect, appreciation and recognition of culture and beliefs and working for development of these indigenous groups will surely lead to the desired long lasting peace in Mindanao.


IMG_0368 IMG_0369 IMG_0378 IMG_0380 IMG_0383IMG_0377

Grade Three

Tapestry of Mindanao

The people in Mindanao has recognized and accepted their cultural differences. To wage and forge peace, we start with the development of these people for they will become builders and proclaimers of peace in their communities.


The Grade Three pose with their Teacher

The Grade Three pose with their Teacher

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Grade 5

Livin’ on a Prayer

Living a Christ-centered life means that we look continually to Jesus as the only source of strength and hope to live better each day.

IMG_0513 IMG_0524 IMG_0520 IMG_0517

Grade 6

Dance of the Rhythm Nation

Life in Christ is to be aware and concern of the worldwide realities: Poverty, Hunger, Virtual Outbreak, Environmental Disasters, Global Warming, War and Destruction of the Environment. Marisians are challenged to be aware and get involved in these issues and challenges. Solidarity and compassion should not remain in words for Marisians. These call for action!

IMG_0535 IMG_0544 IMG_0545 IMG_0547 IMG_0553 IMG_0556 IMG_0569 IMG_0570

Grade 4

The Convergence of a Diversed Community

Just like the tri-people, the Moros, the Lumads and Bisaya, we, Marisians, embrace and show love without boundaries despite the differences we may have. We are taught to be united in love as brothers and sisters who believe that there is only one creator, who is God.

IMG_0580 IMG_0589 IMG_0602 IMG_0606 IMG_0611 IMG_0614

Grade 7

At Your Service: The Untold Stories of Working Heroes

The Grade Seven students  showcase about being persons for others as vendors, fisher folks, farmers, and soldiers; to express utmost gratitude to their unsung heroism in giving their lives to serve our basic needs of food and necessities, safety and protection.

IMG_0622 IMG_0628 IMG_0635 IMG_0637 IMG_0639 ???????????????????????????????

Grade 8

Call for Peace: Delivering Serenity to the Wounded Filipinos

The Grade Eight students portray about advocating peace. This is to bring out the Filipino spirit of expressing one’s sympathy and offering their unspoken prayers of healing to the devastated and calamity-stricken brothers and sisters in our country.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? IMG_0632 IMG_0685

IMG_0665 IMG_0672 IMG_0673 IMG_0678 IMG_0680 IMG_0682

Grade 9

Upholding Nature’s Best: Environmental Concern Advocates in Action

The Grade Nine students communicate to us about concern for the environment; an eye opener to everyone that this wonderful shelter, Earth, does not belong to any one of us but for the future generations who will live after us.

??????????????????????????????? DSC08005 DSC08004 ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? IMG_0715 IMG_0714 IMG_0711 IMG_0705 IMG_0697

Year 4 Fraestantia Vitae (Excellence for Life): Reminiscing the Unforgettable Journey.

The Year 4 students… at a  time-travel adventure from the past to the present to bring light to their most cherished experiences, fun-filled learning, and unequalled formation on excellence here in Stella Maris Academy of Davao, highlighting their gratitude to the Hijas de Jesus community for molding and forming them into Christians worthy of emulation… deeply rooted in the heart of St. Candida Maria de Jesus.

IMG_0724 IMG_0727 IMG_0729 IMG_0733 IMG_0734 IMG_0738 IMG_0740 IMG_0747 IMG_0748 IMG_0769 IMG_0784 IMG_0789    ???????????????????????????????IMG_0797












The Confirmation of 192 Children at SMAD


The Processional


Sir Levi Bayogos and the choir


Last November 22, 2014, at 8:30 A.M., 192 Grade 6 pupils and some from other grade levels, received the Sacrament of Confirmation held at the SMAD Sky Gym. Rev. Msgr. Paul Cuison, JCD, Parish Priest of the Sacred Heart Parish, administered the sacrament together with two other concelebrants, Rev. Fr. Randy Vergara, SSS, and Rev. Fr. Leif Simbajon. With the presence of the parents and godparents, the mass proceeded with great solemnity and with great joy.


Msgr. Paul Cuison reads the Gospel


Rev. Fr. Randy Vergara, SSS and Rev. Fr. Leif Simbajon


The First Reading


The Responsorial Psalm…



Some parents led the lighting of the candles…


The Confirmands


THE Confirmation Rites






The Presentation of Gifts



The Offering of Flowers to Stella Maris