Music and Prayer Session with Sister Lee Uera, F.I.

The faculty and staff had a wonderful experience last July 13, 2017 (Thursday) as Sister Lee Uera, F.I. gave a resonating session of Music and Prayer. The session started at 1:00 pm.


She was introduced by Dr. Rodilla Tumanda, our school principal.




This unique spiritual exercise was truly enjoyed by the faculty and staff as they were able to sing selected bible verses and Saint Candida’s inspirational sayings, convert their personally selected secular songs into personal encounter with God , and even learn how to compose or make a song out of a selected bible verse. Through music and singing, they were also able to do praying. This was the goal of the session. They ended at 4:00 pm.




3-4 (Fri-Sat) …………… Outdoor Camp : GSP Junior
4 (Sat) …………… PTA Family Fun Day
5 (Sun) …………… 19th SMEMCO Anniversary
6-9 (Mon-Thu) …………… English Week : Grade School & Junior High School
11 (Sat) …………… Scout’s Festival
13 (Mon) …………… DT English – Kinder
14 (Tue) …………… DT Math – Kinder
15 (Wed) …………… DT English & Math – Grades 1 to 3
16 (Thu) …………… DT Science & Filipino – Grades 1 to 3
17 (Fri) …………… DT English & Math – Grades 4 to 6
18 (Sat) …………… JS PROMENADE
20 (Mon) …………… DT Science & Filipino – Grades 4 to 6
20-24 (Mon-Fri) …………… FINAL EXAMINATION : Nursery 1, Nursery 2, and Kinder
21 (Tue) …………… DT English & Math – Grades 7 to 10

22 (Wed)

…………… DT Science – Grades 7 to 10
…………… DT Filipino – Grades 7 to 8
…………… Club Culmination : Grades 1 to 3
…………… Annual Math Quiz Bee

23-25 (Thu-Sat)

…………… GRACE K -12 – Araling Panlipunan
…………… Club Culmination : Junior High School
24 (Fri) …………… Club Culmination : Grades 4 to 6
25 (Sat) …………… Special Non-working day : Edsa Revolution
28-Mar.3 (Tue-Fri) …………… FOURTH PERIODICAL TEST : Grade 6


MARCH 2017

1 (Wed) …………… Ash Wednesday

1 – 2 (Wed – Thu) …………… NCAE (Grade 9) Morning Only

3 (Fri)

…………… First Friday Mass
…………… Moving-up Ceremony : Pre-school Department
5 (Sun) …………… PTA Sponsored Mass : PTA (Parents, Faculty, & Staff)
6-7 (Mon-Tue) …………… Determination of Honors : Graduating
9-15 (Thu-Wed) …………… FOURTH QUARTERLY TEST : Grade 11
10 (Fri) …………… Deliberation of Failing Students (Graduating)
10-15 (Fri-Wed) …………… FINAL EXAMINATIONS : Undergraduates – Grade School to Junior High School
14-15 (Tue-Wed) …………… Determination of Honors: Undergraduates
16 (Thu) …………… Special Non-working Public Holiday : Araw ng Davao
25 (Sat) …………… GRADUATION DAY
27 (Mon) …………… Junior High School COMPLETION CEREMONY
28 (Tue) …………… Practice : Recognition Day
29 (Wed) …………… RECOGNITION DAY : Undergraduates

Msgr. Paul Cuison talks about the Year of the Parish as Communion of Communities

Last February 3, 2017 the Stella Maris Academy of Davao Community had a talk in preparation for this year’s local church theme:

Year of the Parish as Communion of Communities.


The community was indeed grateful as the invited Msgr. Paul Cuison, JCD shared his insights and lectures about the Church’s mission in revisiting our true identity as faithful Catholics who are united and loved by God through Jesus Christ; and that we are this generation’s agents of change for the goodness and glory of God in our community and our Country as well.






After the talk, Sister Patricia Anna Aragon, F.I. ,school RCA together with Dr. Rodilla Tumanda, school principal awarded Msgr. Paul Cuison the Certificate of Appreciation to thank him for his time and generosity to the SMAD community.

The talk ended by 4:00 p.m.

SHARE-A-JOY – Marisian’s Christmas Fund Drive (December 17, 2016)

The Stella Maris Academy of Davao Community conducted this year’s Share-A-Joy (Christmas Fund Drive) wherein most of our neighboring communities arrived and fall in line towards Gate 1 to receive gift packs (both in food and in kind ) especially prepared this Christmas season.

DSC05852  DSC05793

DSC05806  7

Many people arrived in line as early as 6:30 am and joyfully wait for their turn to enter and receive the said gift packs.

Most of the recipients are families living near the school. Both adults and children from different places benefited in the said activity.

3  DSC05772

  1  DSC05764

The school also prepared a Christmas party for kids in which they were able to play games, receive prizes, and eat meals. The highlight of the party is to give an opportune time for the children to experience the nativity tableau and the kissing of baby Jesus as part of the Christmas celebration.


DSC05861  DSC05864

DSC05878  DSC05870

DSC05899  DSC05920

DSC05937 DSC05936 DSC05933  DSC05923

DSC05931  DSC05918


This yearly activity is one of Marisians’ way in working together with unity and love towards the realization of St. Candida’s mission in helping the less fortunate and the needy.

SMAD 63rd Foundation Day Celebration

The community celebrated its 63rd founding anniversary last December 2 to 3 with the theme:

“Celebrating 63 years of Excellence as One Community in Faith and Service”

It was indeed a festive way as we thank and praise God for the bountiful blessings that the school has received for the past 63 years and to honor our beloved Mother Foundress’ bequest to every marisian as they showcase their talents and skills in the different activities of the celebration.

 December 2 – The day started with the Holy Mass at the Sky Gym celebrated by Msgr. Paul Cuison.

1 2

After the mass, Sister Patricia Anna Aragon, F.I. school RCA delivered her welcoming message to the students and employees as she officially declares the beginning of the foundation day.


 There was a volleyball exhibition game by the female faculty and staff which were divided into two teams: team grade school and team high school. Team high school won the game.

5 4 6 7 9 10 8

 For the rest of the day, various booths were available and activities were run by respective clubs in order to showcase their creativity, strategy, talents, and service to others.

11 12 13 14

December 3 - The day was anticipated as parents, alumni, guests, students, and the rest of the SMAD community gathered at the school grounds to witness the field demonstration that each grade level has prepared .

In the morning, the program started with the doxology by the Little Friends of Antonita


It was followed by the entry of colors by the Junior and Senior BSP


The singing of the National Anthem was by the JHS Glee Club while the Opening Salvo was performed by  the Grade 11, pioneer batch of our Senior High School.

17 18

The parade of the Representatives per Grade Level.

19 20 21 22 23 24 25 30

Field Demonstration from Nursery One to Grade Three.

31 32 33 34 35 36

In the afternoon, the school was blessed as the President of the Philippines, Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte together with Madame Honeylette Avanceña arrived as they watched their daughter Veronica Kitty Duterte now on her sixth grade, performed together with the rest of the students in the field demonstration.


Sister Patricia Anna T. Aragon of the Hijas de Jesus Congregation, RCA, Dr. Rodilla Tumanda, Principal, Hijas de Jesus Sisters, Administration, Faculty and Staff, PTA Board of Trustees, Parents, Students, Friends, and Guests, GOOD AFTERNOON! We are filled with gladness and excitement on the second day celebration of the 63rd Foundation Day of Stella Maris Academy of Davao with the theme: “Celebrating 63 years of Excellence as one Community in Faith and Service.”

From the school’s humble beginnings to 63 years of its existence, excellence has been one of the visions and core values inculcated in every Marisian. With the strong connection of school and home, Marisians acquired roots and wings – roots for strength provided by the family and wings to fly and exercise the values of FAITH and SERVICE that weave the very texture of life which import overall excellence in every MARISIAN.

“FAITH in action is LOVE and LOVE in action is SERVICE.” These were the words of St. Teresa of Calcutta who dedicated her life to the service of the poorest of the poor. Selfless service is a wonderful antidote to the ills that flow from worldwide epidemic of self – indulgence. By transforming our FAITH into living acts of love, we put ourselves on contact with GOD. As we cultivate our FAITH grow through service and stay constant and true we feel the SAVIOR’S LOVE.

As an appeal from the Holy Father Francis on his encyclical letter ‘LAUDATO SI’ on the care for our common home, MARISIANS are called to be partakers in resolving the tragic effects of environmental degradation on the lives of the world’s poorest. Determined to be true to the charism of St. Candida Maria de Jesus, MARISIANS aim to put life to the slogan TATAK FI: KAPATID SA KAPWA. By calling God our Father, we recognize that divine filiation unites us to Christ. The fraternity that divine Filiation institutes extends to all men and women in a certain sense that all are God’s children living in a common home. Our core has to be a dedicated love practiced every day and made up of a thousand little details of understanding, hidden sacrifice and unnoticed self-giving to our brothers and sisters victimized by environmental crisis.

As the EXTRAORDINARY JUBILEE YEAR OF MERCY has ended, we welcome the YEAR OF PARISH as a communion of communities last November 27, 2016, the first advent mass. Everyone is called to harmonize their FAITH through family, parish and school. As members of different parishes, we must express our communion more fully as we unite and actively participate in fulfilling our threefold mission – the prophetic mission, priestly mission and kingly/servant mission. This is a mission of social transformation wherein FAITH and SERVICE is given emphasis.

With the gift of TIME, TALENT and TREASURE, the essential expressions of COMMUNION, we MARISIANS dedicate a thanksgiving through different dance presentations reflecting the 63 years of excellence in FAITH and SERVICE.




42 44 76 7745

The Doxology was performed by the HSSC


Entry of Colors by the Junior and Senior BSP


Singing of the National Anthem by the JHS Glee Club


Opening Salvo by the Senior High School


Parade of Representatives from Grade 4 to Grade 10.

47 48 49 50 51 52 53

Field Demonstration from Grade 4 to Grade 7.

54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61

Unfortunately, it started to rain while the grade 7 was still performing. Pres. Duterte then proceeded to the assembly area of the remaining junior high school students who have not yet performed to bid goodbye and talk to them as he left the school for his other prior meetings.


78 79

The remaining performers (grades 8 – 10) vacate the school grounds and transferred to the sky gym.


64 65 66 67 68 69 70


The program finished by 6:30 in the afternoon.

CULMINATION: United Nations, Rosary Month, Mission Month 2016

October has been a very fruitful month as the SMAD Educative community celebrated the culminations for the following events.

Last October 26, 2016 the Araling Panlipunan subject area prepared a program for this years’ United Nation with the theme: International Year of Pulses, Nutritious seeds for a sustainable future.

1 2 3

There were the parade of Flags/Nations by selected representatives per grade level and special presentations were vigorously participated.

  5 6 9 10 11 12 13 14 7 8

20 19 18 4

Also, Dr. Rodilla Tumanda – principal awarded the students who were best in their national costumes.

17 16 15

October 27, 2016 - The Pastoral Ministry celebrated October dedicated for the Missions and the Holy Rosary.

The SMAD community aims to help the missionaries throughout the world where they can proclaim gospels in accordance to the teachings and values of Christianity. Through the mission boxes and envelopes, the students and faculty can contribute to the accomplishment of this goal.

Also, as a manifestation of our love for Mother Mary, the Holy Rosary is being prayed daily every after flag ceremony for this particular month.

The Living Rosary at the Sky Gym was practised and participated by the students and faculty last October 27. Selected students wore color-coded shirts in accordance to the mystery as they formed a human rosary  where in they lead  the community and prayed throughout the period.

It is genuinely the Marisian’s way of praying solemnly and wholeheartedly for the cause of peace in the world.


2 3 7 4 5 6

LUKE 21:29-33



We find ways possible to be provided with security.
People make investments, own properties, earn and save money, and seek for institutional help such as educational plan, health care plan and even memorial plan. these all fail and pass away.

God is our ultimate security.
Jesus helps us to:
1. To put our faith in God above all who promises for our security.
2. To experience hardships and see God’s power truly at work,
3. That God has a plan for us.



A Jar of Reflection

A Jar of Reflection

Luke 19:1-10


Running and climbing are for kids and not for adults like Zacchaeus who is also small in stature.

True to Zacchaeus, “If there’s a will, there’s way. He sees Jesus, but surprisingly, it is Jesus who sees him first.

Yes, faith enables us to do things difficult and to make things possible. But is Jesus who DOES THINGS FOR US!

Matthew 28:5-18 Choose to be Brave!



The women were BRAVE. The guards were BRIBED.

The women revealed the truth about Jesus’ resurrection.

The guards CONCEALED the truth about Jesus’ resurrection.

Living in truth is BRAVERY!

Living in falsity is bribery.


A Jar of Reflection

A Jar of Reflection