It was last August 9, Wednesday when the SMAD Educative community celebrated the Feast day of Saint Candida Maria de Jesus, the Mother Foundress of the Hijas de Jesus Congregation in which the F.I. sisters and our community belong. There was a Holy Mass attended by all members of the community and this year’s invited guests: the SHJ Pastoral leaders of their GKK community. The mass started at 8 o’clock in the morning at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Chapel, beside the school campus. It was presided by Msgr. Paul Cuison.

DSC08658 DSC08645

DSC08687 DSC08646 DSC08649 DSC08655 DSC08657 DSC08665 DSC08667 DSC08663 DSC08669  DSC08676

DSC08690 DSC08673

After the mass was a short audio-visual presentation by Mrs. Fatima Lyziel Montebon as she impart to the invited guests the life of Saint Candida and the life of our F.I. sisters as a community in the congregation.

DSC08708 DSC08720 DSC08737

Right after the presentation they proceeded to the school cafeteria for the program of the feast day. Hosted by Mrs. Fatima Lyziel Montebon and Mr. James Harold Lemosnero, there were question and answer portion in which trivia were actively answered by the guests. There were also agape and sharing. Snacks were served and there was a campus tour wherein the guests were able to explore the school and see its facilities.


DSC08750  DSC08767


DSC08781 DSC08821





The activity ended at 11 o’clock in the morning.


August 4, 2017 (Friday) – The SMAD Educative community celebrated the First Friday Mass. In this Eucharistic Celebration, the feast day of Saint Candida Maria de Jesus was also commemorated by the students. The mass was presided by Fr. Cris Alcayde.

DSC01179 DSC01176

DSC01192  DSC01196  DSC01198 DSC01202 DSC01205 DSC01199

DSC01210 DSC01212

August 6, 2017 (Sunday) – The SMAD Alumni together with the F.I. Sisters, Administrators, Faculty, staff, and students were gathered as they had a special mass for the feast day of Saint Candida Maria de Jesus at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, 9 o’clock in the morning. The mass was presided by Msgr. Paul Cuison.

 DSC08273 DSC08279

DSC08301 DSC08285

DSC08288 DSC08290 DSC08332 DSC08317

DSC08295 DSC08329 DSC08310     DSC08346

DSC08338  DSC08352

August 7, 2017 (Monday) – There was a Spiritual Formation session prepared by the F.I. Sisters for the faculty and staff at 1’o clock in the afternoon. It was declared no class for the students on that particular afternoon to pave way to the success of this activity.

The community was divided into two groups: Years 1 to 20 faculty and staff had their session with Sister Catherine Cheong, F.I. – an invited F.I. sister who discussed the life of Saint Candida in a unique and beautiful perspective. There was greatness and gratefulness with this session as the faculty and staff were privileged to know Saint Candida in a more realistic setting.

DSC08393 DSC08383

DSC08402 DSC08396

DSC08409 DSC08415

DSC08436 DSC08439 DSC08426 DSC08425 DSC08423 DSC08442 DSC08444 DSC08448

On the other hand, the Years 21 and up faculty and staff had their session with Sister Lina Cornelio, F.I. who discussed Discernment and Fraternal Correction. The faculty and staff were also grateful as they were enriched with such wisdom and learning tools to become more equipped in decision making and mending relationships with the school and their families.

DSC01216 DSC01237 DSC01236 DSC01235 DSC01233 DSC01228 DSC01226 DSC01223 DSC01222 DSC01220 DSC01218 DSC01217

The session ended at 4:20 in the afternoon.

August 8, 2017 (Tuesday) – At 1 o’clock in the afternoon, the students had their “Day with the Poor”. Invited indigent families from neighboring baranggays arrived and were assigned to the classes of Grades 4 to 12. In the classroom, everyone prepared a short program  and meals for them as they were given gifts expressing their generosity and love for the needy.

DSC08472 DSC08626 DSC08621 DSC08614 DSC08612 DSC08611 DSC08529  DSC08586




1 Fri        BSP INDOOR CAMP: First – Junior and Senior (Day 1)
2 Sat       BSP INDOOR CAMP: First – Junior and Senior (Day 2)
2 Sat       RECOLLECTION: Gr.5 St. Michael / Gr.7 Charity
3 Sun
4 Mon
5 Tue
6 Wed
7 Thu      CONFESSION: Gr.3 Communicants
8 Fri       Mama Mary’s Birthday Celebration
8 Fri       A.M. – REPORT CARD DISTRIBUTION: N2 to GR.12
8 Fri       P.M. – Faculty Development Session with Sister Leoly Quitorio, F.I.
9 Sat
10 Sun
11 Mon    2nd UNIT TEST: (Day 1) SHS
12 Tue     2nd UNIT TEST: (Day 2) SHS (Day 1) GS & JHS
13 Wed    2nd UNIT TEST: (Day 3) SHS (Day 2) GS & JHS
14 Thu     2nd UNIT TEST: (Day 4) SHS (Day 3) GS & JHS
15 Fri       2nd UNIT TEST: (Day 5) SHS (Day 4) GS & JHS
15 Fri       1ST PTA Homeroom Meeting
15 Fri       MATH & SCIENCE Day Camp (Day 1): JHS
16 Sat      MATH & SCIENCE Day Camp (Day 2): JHS (Day 1) GS
16 Sat      RECOLLECTION: Gr.7 Chastity /Courage Gr.4 St. Dominic
18 Mon   MBTI Test: Grade 11
19 Tue
21 Thu     SMAD INTRAMURALS 2017
22 Fri      SMAD INTRAMURALS 2017
23 Sat      FIRST COMMUNION: Grade 3
23 Sat      SCOUTS DAY CAMP: Gr.2 KAB & Star Scouts
23 Sat      MATH & SCIENCE Tree Planting: JHS
23 Sat      RECOLLECTION: Gr.7 Faith / Fortitude Gr.4 St. James
24 Sun
25 Mon
26 Tue
29 Fri       PACT/POIS Test: Gr.9
29 Fri       CSAT: Gr.12
30 Sat       GSP INDOOR CAMP: Junior – Gr. 5 and 6
30 Sat       RECOLLECTION: Gr.8 Hope / Honesty Gr. 4 St. Francis of Assisi
* PTA Bloodletting               * Camp Rally
* DACS Meet                         * BSP Jamboree




1 Sun
2 Mon        LAUNCHING: Rosary & Mission Month
2 Mon        DAT: Grade 11
3 Tue        LAUNCHING: United Nation
4 Wed
5 Thu        HOLY MASS
6 Fri
7 Sat
8 Sun
9 Mon        2ND PERIODICAL TEST: (Day 1) SHS 1ST PT: (Day1)N1
10 Tue        2ND PERIODICAL TEST: (Day 2) SHS (Day 1) GS&JHS 1ST PT: (Day2)N1
11 Wed       2ND PERIODICAL TEST: (Day 3) SHS (Day 2) GS&JHS 1ST PT: (Day3)N1
12 Thu        2ND PERIODICAL TEST: (Day 4) SHS (Day 3) GS&JHS 1ST PT: (Day4)N1
13 Fri          2ND PERIODICAL TEST: (Day 5) SHS (Day 4) GS&JHS 1ST PT: (Day5)N1
14 Sat         PRE-SCHOOL FUN DAY
14 Sat         RECOLLECTION: Gr.8 Humility/Integrity Gr.4 St. Joseph
15 Sun
16 Mon
17 Tue        Career Tour: Gr.11
18 Wed
21 Sat         RECOLLECTION: Gr.8 Generosity Gr.9 Love Gr.4 St. Matthew
21 Sat         SCOUTS DAY CAMP: Gr.3 KAB & Star Scouts
22 Sun
23 Mon      CAREER DAY: Grade 10
24 Tue       CAREER DAY: Grade 12
25 Wed      CULMINATION: Rosary & Mission Month
26 Thu       CULMINATION: United Nation
27 Fri          S E M E S T R A L V A C A T I O N
28 Sat
29 Sun
30 Mon
31 Tue        Special Non-working Day (in observance of All Souls’ Day)
* PTA Socials Night

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1 Wed        All Saints’ Day
2 Thu        All Souls’ Day
3 Fri
4 Sat
5 Sun
6 Mon
7 Tue         C L A S S E S R E S U M E
8 Wed       LAUNCHING: Mindanao Week for Peace / Christmas Fund Drive
9 Thu
11 Sat
12 Sun
13 Mon      3rd UNIT TEST: (Day 1) SHS (Day 1) GS & JHS 2ND P.T.: (Day 1) N2 & K
14 Tue       3rd UNIT TEST: (Day 2) SHS (Day 1) GS & JHS 2ND P.T.: (Day 2) N2 & K
15 Wed      3rd UNIT TEST: (Day 3) SHS (Day 2) GS & JHS 2ND P.T.: (Day 3) N2 & K
16 Thu       3rd UNIT TEST: (Day 4) SHS (Day 3) GS & JHS 2ND P.T.: (Day 4) N2 & K
17 Fri         3rd UNIT TEST: (Day 5) SHS (Day 4) GS & JHS 2ND P.T.: (Day 5) N2 & K
17 Fri         BSP INDOOR CAMP: Junior and Senior (Day 1)
17 Fri         Peace Camp (Day 1)
18 Sat        BSP INDOOR CAMP: Junior and Senior (Day 2)
18 Sat        Peace Camp (Day 2)
18 Sat        RECOLLECTION: Gr.9 Joy / Loyalty
19 Sun       RECOLLECTION: Confirmand’s Parents
21 Tue
22 Wed     CONFESSION: Gr.6 Confirmands
23 Thu
24 Fri         2nd PTA Homeroom Meeting
24 Fri         GSP INDOOR CAMP: Junior – Gr.4 (Day 1)
25 Sat         GSP INDOOR CAMP: Junior – Gr.4 (Day 2)
25 Sat         RECOLLECTION: Gr.9 Modesty / Justice
25 Sat         CONFIRMATION: Grade 6
26 Sun        PTA Advent Recollection
27 Mon
28 Tue
29 Wed
30 Thu       Regular Holiday: Bonifacio Day
* GSP Council wide Camping

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school activities

JUNE 2017

1 Thu
2 Fri
3 Sat            NEW STUDENTS: Orientation Day
4 Sun
5 Mon
6 Tue
7 Wed
8 Thu
9 Fri
10 Sat          NEW PARENTS: Orientation Day
11 Sun
12 Mon       Regular Holiday : Commemoration for Independence Day
13 Tue
14 Wed       FIRST DAY OF CLASS: Grade 1 to 10 / Class Advisory Orientation
15 Thu        FIRST DAY OF CLASS: Grade 11 and 12
17 Sat
18 Sun
20 Tue       FIRST DAY OF CLASS: Nursery 2 and Kindergarten
21 Wed       FIRST DAY OF CLASS: Nursery 1
21 Wed       ELECTION OF CLUB OFFICERS: Grades 1 to 3
22 Thu
23 Fri         PTA Homeroom Organization
23 Fri         ELECTION OF CLUB OFFICERS: Grades 4 to 6
24 Sat         BIBLE QUIZ (A.M.)
25 Sun
26 Mon      CAMPAIGN: GSSC / HSSC (room to room)
27 Tue        A.M. – MEETING DE AVANCE – GS
27 Tue        P.M. – MEETING DE AVANCE – JHS
28 Wed       ELECTION of Officers: GSSC / HSSC
29 Thu        Feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul
30 Fri          GSP TRAINING: Cadet’s Leadership (Day 1)



JULY 2017

1 Sat            GSP TRAINING: Cadet’s Leadership (Day 2)
1 Sat            LEADERSHIP TRAINING: Grades 4 to 10
1 Sat            RECOLLECTION : Grade 12
2 Sun
3 Mon          LAUNCHING: Nutrition Month
4 Tue
5 Wed
6 Thu
7 Fri             FIRST FRIDAY MASS
8 Sat            GSP TRAINING: Junior Leadership
8 Sat            SPECIAL CLASS: Kinder Parents
9 Sun
10 Mon          1ST UNIT TEST: (Day 1) SHS
11 Tue            1ST UNIT TEST: (Day 2) SHS (Day 1) GS & JHS
12 Wed          1ST UNIT TEST: (Day 3) SHS (Day 2) GS & JHS
13 Thu           1ST UNIT TEST: (Day 4) SHS (Day 3) GS & JHS
14 Fri             1ST UNIT TEST: (Day 5) SHS (Day 4) GS & JHS
14 Fri             GSP INDOOR CAMP: Senior (Day1)
15 Sat             GSP INDOOR CAMP: Senior (Day2)
15 Sat             RECOLLECTION: Grade 11
15 Sat             GSP INVESTITURE: Practice – Star Scouts
15 Sat             SPECIAL CLASS: N1 & N2 Parents
15 Sat             RETREAT: Gr.10 (Day 1)
16 Sun            RETREAT: Gr.10 (Day 2)
17 Mon
18 Tue            OLSAT: Grade 4
18 Tue            GSP INVESTITURE: General Rehearsal
19 Wed           OLSAT: Grade 9
20 Thu           GSP INVESTITURE: Ceremony -A.M. Junior & Cadette Scouts/ P.M. Star Scouts
21 Fri
22 Sat             RECOLLECTION: Gr.6 St. Elizabeth / St. Francis Xavier
22 Sat             BSP INVESTITURE: Practice – KAB, Junior, and Senior Scouts
22 Sat             RETREAT: Gr.10 (Day 1)
23 Sun           RETREAT: Gr.10 (Day 2)
23 Sun           PTA General Assembly
24 Mon          SSHA TEST: Grade 7
24 Mon          SHS COOK FEST: STEM Students
25 Tue            BSP INVESTITURE: General Rehearsal
26 Wed          BSP INVESTITURE: Ceremony – A.M. Junior & Senior Scouts/ P.M. KAB Scouts
27 Thu
28 Fri             CULMINATION: Nutrition Month
28 Fri             Faculty Development on the life of Saint Ignatius de Loyola
29 Sat            RECOLLECTION: Gr.6 St. Ignatius de Loyola/ St. Lorenzo Ruiz
29 Sat            RETREAT: Gr.10 (Day 1)
30 Sun           RETREAT: Gr.10 (Day 2)
30 Sun           FREE CLINIC
31 Mon

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1 Tue            LAUNCHING: Buwan ng Wika at Katutubo ng Mindanaw
2 Wed
3 Thu           Adopt – A – Child: Grades 1 and 2
4 Fri             FIRST FRIDAY MASS
4 Fri             A Day with Kuya Seminarians: Grade 3
5 Sat             RECOLLECTION: Gr.6 St. Therese/ Gr.5 St. Ma. Goretti
5 Sat             SCOUTS DAY CAMP: Gr.1 KAB and STAR Scouts
5 Sat             RETREAT: Gr.10 (Day 1)
6 Sun            RETREAT: Gr.10 (Day 2)
7 Mon           TRIDUUM PRAYER for Saint Candida Maria de Jesus
8 Tue            TRIDUUM PRAYER for Saint Candida Maria de Jesus
8 Tue            A Day with the Poor
9 Wed          MOTHER FOUNDRESS’ DAY Celebration
9 Wed          HOLY MASS with our Brothers and Sisters
10 Thu
11 Fri
12 Sat
13 Sun
14 Mon            1ST PERIODICAL TEST: (Day 1) N2, Kinder, SHS (Day 1) GS & JHS
15 Tue              1ST PERIODICAL TEST: (Day 2) N2, Kinder, SHS (Day 2) GS & JHS
16 Wed            1ST PERIODICAL TEST: (Day 3) N2, Kinder, SHS (Day 3) GS & JHS
17 Thu              1ST PERIODICAL TEST: (Day 4) N2, Kinder, SHS (Day 4) GS & JHS
18 Fri               1ST PERIODICAL TEST: (Day 5) N2, Kinder, SHS
19 Sat              BSP DAY CAMP: KAB Scouts – Gr.1 and 2
19 Sat              RECOLLECTION: Gr. 5 St. Benedict / St. Thomas
20 Sun
21 Mon           Special Non-working Day: Ninoy Aquino Day
22 Tue            FAB-C TEST: Grade 5
23 Wed          BAR-ON TEST: Grade 8
24 Thu           BAR-ON TEST: Grade 8
25 Fri             GSP INDOOR CAMP: Junior Gr.5 and Gr.6 (Day 1)
26 Sat            GSP INDOOR CAMP: Junior Gr.5 and Gr.6 (Day 2)
26 Sat            RECOLLECTION: Gr.5 St. Anthony / St. Bernadette
26 Sat            RETREAT: Gr.10 (Day 1)
27 Sun            RETREAT: Gr.10 (Day 2)
27 Sun          Saint Candida Run 2017
28 Mon           Regular Holiday: National Heroes Day
29 Tue
30 Wed
31 Thu            CULMINATION: Buwan ng Wika at Katutubo ng Mindanaw


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BSP Investiture Ceremony

The SMAD Educative Community had their BSP Investiture ceremony last July 26, 2017 (Wednesday) at the SMAD Sky Gym.

In the morning, it was the Boy and Senior Scouts who had their program with the theme: “Growth and Stability” which started at 9 o’clock in the morning while in the afternoon, it was the Kab Scouts who participated for their Investiture. It started at 1:30 in the afternoon. They had their Processional, Entry of Colors, Rededication of the Scout Oath and Law, Presentation, Candle lighting, Donning of Neckerchief and Induction of Officers.












GSP Investiture Ceremony

Last July 20, 2017 (Thursday) the SMAD Educative Community had their GSP Investiture Ceremony at the SMAD Sky Gym.

The Junior, Senior, and Cadet Scouts had their Bridging Ceremony with the theme: “Girl Scouts: Lead the Change

in the morning while the Star Scouts had their Celestial Ceremony in the afternoon.

The highlights of this activity are the Pinning of Investiture Pins, Putting of Scarves, Recitation and re-dedication of Scout Promise and Law.

 DSC01095 DSC01096

DSC01097 DSC01099

DSC01173 DSC01171 DSC01169

DSC01159 DSC01153 DSC01151 DSC01149 DSC01143 DSC01140 DSC01132 DSC01125 DSC01120 DSC01116 DSC01112 DSC01108 DSC01107

DSC01101 DSC01106 DSC01104 DSC01102

Music and Prayer Session with Sister Lee Uera, F.I.

The faculty and staff had a wonderful experience last July 13, 2017 (Thursday) as Sister Lee Uera, F.I. gave a resonating session of Music and Prayer. The session started at 1:00 pm.


She was introduced by Dr. Rodilla Tumanda, our school principal.




This unique spiritual exercise was truly enjoyed by the faculty and staff as they were able to sing selected bible verses and Saint Candida’s inspirational sayings, convert their personally selected secular songs into personal encounter with God , and even learn how to compose or make a song out of a selected bible verse. Through music and singing, they were also able to do praying. This was the goal of the session. They ended at 4:00 pm.

SMAD PTA General Assembly 2017

The Parents – Teachers Association had their General Assembly last July 23, 2017 (Sunday) at the Sky Gym. It was participated by school Administrators, PTA Board of Trustees, Faculty, Staff, and Parents.

The first part was the business meeting which started at 8:00 in the morning.

There was an opening prayer led by Mrs. Lezel Picardal then followed by the singing of the National anthem and School Hymn.

The Welcome address was delivered by Sister Patricia Anna Aragon, F.I. School RCA.


RCA Message

Good Morning everyone and welcome to Stella Maris Academy of Davao.
It is of great importance for us that you have come to this particular gathering that has something to do with the school life of your child. Once again, we emphasize on the value of collaboration between home and school and the significance of your involvement in the life of your child is vital and essential.

On a personal note, let me share some thoughts with you with what is happening around us – As I watched and hear the news of the heart breaking events in our country and how many people are dying especially children who are rob of their future – I can not help but feel sorry for our loss. It brings me to question my motivation in all that I do and also a great revelation that life is fragile and precious. But ultimately in connection with our school, it challenges us to give the best to the children who are here with us. How blessed are they to have parents like you who will not only assure them of good education but a future life filled with love and understanding. If some concern will surface or should we face difficult situations in the future, I hope this will not divide us but rather give us the opportunity to unite and find solutions. Let our partnership be a positive contribution to our country and let peace have the last word even in our small community here in SMAD.
This morning, we shall nominate parents for the board for school year 2017-2018. They will commit to work for the PTA and render service to the school. I am aware that positions like these are often unnoticed, but Christian leadership and following is a special call that draws you to a kind of service that the reward can not be seen by others but very much recognized by God. May we be encouraged to join in this endeavor.

For those who have served the association for the past year- thank you for the service you have extended. To all those who planned and prepared for this General Assembly today – the Board, other Parents, teachers and to our maintenance staff – thank you !

Let us know the role we play in this particular stage of our children’s life and how we can be of gentle support to their daily tasks of study instead
of extending subtle pressure or expectations that can create unwelcome anxiety and burden. In this digital world that we live in, we are asked to understand their unique world but also to guide them in the basics of life that will never change. Ultimately, we aim at developing their capacities and potentials at its best and always to put them to use for the service of others and God. We want them to learn how to live life and conquer their fears not only with confidence in their academic standing and achievements but even more important is the security of being well grounded and knowing where these gifts come from.
May this gathering remind us to cooperate with the Giver of whatever our children hold and to put in mind that we have come today because we want to be active agents in the academic life of our children and to support them in the most positive way we can.
Lastly, allow me to remind all of us that we are celebrating the year of the Parish – communion of communities. As one family, let us extend our participation and unity with our respective parishes and be involved in the life and the mission of the church.
Thank you for coming. Thank you for listening. Maraming Salamat po!

Dr. Gilbert Arendain delivered his President’s Message right after.




The Committee representatives had presented their reports for SY 2016 – 2017’s year-round activities.


Mr. Nathaniel Theodore Magalona for the Outreach and Socials Committee


Mr. Carlo Fuerzas for the Family Day Committee


Mrs. Katherine Uy for the Students, Teachers, Parents’ Welfare Committee


Mrs. Lezel Picardal for the Spiritual and Liturgical Committee


Mrs. Annabel Palarca for the Homeroom Committee


And the treasurer’s report was delivered by Mrs. Sharmila Ong

The Nomination was facilitated by Ms. Rhodora Edullantes.

There were few questions raised and they were addressed promptly by the administration.

DSC00932 DSC00933

The nomination of the PTA – BOT for this school year was facilitated by Mr. Jeffrey Alvarez.

There was a 15-minute break after the nomination.

DSC00935 DSC00934 DSC00939

A Eucharistic Celebration was held right after the assembly presided by Fr. Sherwin Valenzuela, RCJ.

It started at 10:00 am and ended at around 11:30 am.

The Master of the Ceremony is Ms. Madel Catre.

OPENING OF THE S.Y. 2017 – 2018

It was last June 14, 2017 (Wednesday) when the Stella Maris Academy of Davao opened officially for their First Day of Class. The program started with the Flag Ceremony. It was then followed by Sister Patricia Anna Aragon, F.I. (School RCA) as she delivered her warm welcome message to the students, parents, faculty, staff, and the rest of the community.


Opening of Classes 2017

I would like to welcome you all here today in behalf of the entire Stella Maris Educative community!

It is wonderful as always to see all the familiar faces of our friends, classmates, teachers and special people in our school community.

I know that you all join me this morning in extending a warm welcome to all the new members of our family; students, faculty and parents.

The school year begins today and just like any other year it gives us an opportunity to have a fresh start.

New beginnings, risks to take, chances to grab and occasions to embrace.

Let us make a conscious effort to begin the year right and with the purest motivation on our minds.

Let us strive to be better every single day and to offer all our best efforts to Jesus and to our parents whom we know are always there to support us in our education.

Let us not settle with the ordinary but let us challenge ourselves to do our best even in the most little thing we will pursue.

Remember that we are still in the year of the Parish – communion of communities. Let us think of ways how we can be closer to our respective parishes and how we can be one with the church in participating in its mission.

Let one of the famous saying of our Foundress, Mother Candida be your guide this year – God wills it! God wills it!

God bless and keep you and may His light continue to shine upon you. May our Blessed Mary, the star of the sea bless our desires for this year.

Good Morning to everyone and enjoy your first day of class!

Right after, the members of the community for this school year was introduced to the students.

The F.I. sisters were introduced by Sr. Patricia Anna Aragon, F.I.


From left to right: Sr. Teresita Saba, F.I. (Canteen In-charge); Sr. Lina Cornelio, F.I. (Pastoral Adviser); Sr. Caridad Ramirez, F.I. (General Services Supervisor); Sr. Victoria Lim, F.I. (School Treasurer) and Sr. Felisa Molina, F.I. (Sister Superior).

The teachers and staff were introduced by Dr. Rodilla L. Tumanda, our School Principal.


From left to right: Ms. Rhodora Edullantes (High School Academic Coordinator); Ms. Shirley Genovate (Grade School Academic Coordinator); Mrs. Annabel Palarca (Human Resources Officer); Mr. Luis Arangoso, Jr. (Prefect of Discipline); Mrs. Mia Joy Fuggan (Acting Registrar).

DSC00823 DSC00826

DSC00827 DSC00828

DSC00842 DSC00834

DSC00843 DSC00844

The program ended at 8:00 in the morning and the regular class followed.