CULMINATION: United Nations, Rosary Month, Mission Month 2016

October has been a very fruitful month as the SMAD Educative community celebrated the culminations for the following events.

Last October 26, 2016 the Araling Panlipunan subject area prepared a program for this years’ United Nation with the theme: International Year of Pulses, Nutritious seeds for a sustainable future.

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There were the parade of Flags/Nations by selected representatives per grade level and special presentations were vigorously participated.

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Also, Dr. Rodilla Tumanda – principal awarded the students who were best in their national costumes.

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October 27, 2016 - The Pastoral Ministry celebrated October dedicated for the Missions and the Holy Rosary.

The SMAD community aims to help the missionaries throughout the world where they can proclaim gospels in accordance to the teachings and values of Christianity. Through the mission boxes and envelopes, the students and faculty can contribute to the accomplishment of this goal.

Also, as a manifestation of our love for Mother Mary, the Holy Rosary is being prayed daily every after flag ceremony for this particular month.

The Living Rosary at the Sky Gym was practised and participated by the students and faculty last October 27. Selected students wore color-coded shirts in accordance to the mystery as they formed a human rosary  where in they lead  the community and prayed throughout the period.

It is genuinely the Marisian’s way of praying solemnly and wholeheartedly for the cause of peace in the world.


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