Kulminasyon ng Buwan ng Wika

August 29, 2017 – The Stella Maris Academy of Davao Educative community celebrated the Buwan ng Wika with the theme

“Filipino: Wikang Mapagbago”.


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Through this culmination, the students were able to show their support and value in the culture and traditions of the Philippines. The celebration was given importance through the different activities performed and held.  The social skills of the students and their relationship with the community were formed and strengthened. And most importantly, the Filipino language was applied in the various classroom activities being conducted.


The main highlights of this event were the parade of costumes, various talent performances relating to the celebration such as Balagtasan, Katutubong Sayaw, Malikhaing Pagsasadula, Modern Dance, Singing, etc. and the Larong Pinoy.

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The students indeed enjoyed the celebration in the morning. Classes resumed in the afternoon.