August 4, 2017 (Friday) – The SMAD Educative community celebrated the First Friday Mass. In this Eucharistic Celebration, the feast day of Saint Candida Maria de Jesus was also commemorated by the students. The mass was presided by Fr. Cris Alcayde.

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August 6, 2017 (Sunday) – The SMAD Alumni together with the F.I. Sisters, Administrators, Faculty, staff, and students were gathered as they had a special mass for the feast day of Saint Candida Maria de Jesus at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, 9 o’clock in the morning. The mass was presided by Msgr. Paul Cuison.

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August 7, 2017 (Monday) – There was a Spiritual Formation session prepared by the F.I. Sisters for the faculty and staff at 1’o clock in the afternoon. It was declared no class for the students on that particular afternoon to pave way to the success of this activity.

The community was divided into two groups: Years 1 to 20 faculty and staff had their session with Sister Catherine Cheong, F.I. – an invited F.I. sister who discussed the life of Saint Candida in a unique and beautiful perspective. There was greatness and gratefulness with this session as the faculty and staff were privileged to know Saint Candida in a more realistic setting.

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On the other hand, the Years 21 and up faculty and staff had their session with Sister Lina Cornelio, F.I. who discussed Discernment and Fraternal Correction. The faculty and staff were also grateful as they were enriched with such wisdom and learning tools to become more equipped in decision making and mending relationships with the school and their families.

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The session ended at 4:20 in the afternoon.

August 8, 2017 (Tuesday) – At 1 o’clock in the afternoon, the students had their “Day with the Poor”. Invited indigent families from neighboring baranggays arrived and were assigned to the classes of Grades 4 to 12. In the classroom, everyone prepared a short program  and meals for them as they were given gifts expressing their generosity and love for the needy.

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