It was last August 27, 2017 (Sunday) when the SMAD Community and registered participants gathered to enjoy an early morning color fun run at SMAD campus. The event was organized by the SMAD-AA (Stella Maris Academy of Davao Alumni Association) united in their Animo  SMAD and inspired by Saint Candida’s virtues which promotes fellowship amongst the Alumni and a healthy lifestyle.


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Everybody gathered as early as 5:00am. The first part was the Zumba at the school grounds while the runners started to gather in front of SMAD gate 2. Gun start for 10km runners was at 5:30 am, while 5:45am for 5km. and 5:50am for 3km.

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After the run, the Zumba session resumed and raffle tickets were made together with other fun activities.

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Everybody had fun and it was a beautiful experience especially for the community members having active healthy lifestyle.

The opening of the Alumni Sports fest with ball games followed the event. The Sports fest ended at 5:00pm.

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