Chrence Go


Chrence Go

Pope Francis in the University of Santo Tomas said, “God is a God of surprises. Let us allow ourselves to be surprised by God.”

These words of the Holy Father struck me and left me hanging for a while. Oftentimes, I love to surprise my friends and my family in various ways. Because of this, I think that I am already okay with what I have and makes me blind to the fact that God is also trying to surprise me. It also makes me not to fully appreciate the blessings that He has given me. However, when I heard Pope Francis saying those words, it made me realize something extraordinary. I then realized that it was time to let God surprise me. It was time that as I surprise others, I must also let myself be surprised.

Speaking of blessings, the Second Philippine Conference of New Evangelization or the PCNE 2 made me realized a lot of things about being blessed. Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle asked the delegates, “How can someone be blessed even though he or she is in the midst of suffering and hardships?” Wow, what a difficult question it was for everyone. As I go through the three-day conference, my questions were eventually answered. It was such a fulfilling moment for me that I went to Manila not only to have a time for my friends but also a time for me to answer all the questions that I have for myself.

Friends, being blessed is not only being blessed with material things such as money and fame. Being blessed is being bestowed with things that money cannot buy. God is trying to surprise us through His blessings. When God is trying to surprise us, we, must also let ourselves be surprised. Cardinal Tagle once said, “Everyone is blessed, but only a few people know about it.”