Profile of a True Marisian

Based on the school’s philosophy and objectives, the following qualities define what a true Marisian is:
• a loving child of the Father who sincerely treats others as brothers and sisters.
• a friend of Jesus who seeks His will and obeys His commands.
• one who is devoted to Mary, the woman of faith.
• a strong leader but possesses the servant heart of Jesus; selflessly serving others.
• one who is humble and gentle and manifests these qualities in real day to day encounter with others.
• a compassionate child who loves and cares for the poor.
• a devout, courageous and generous person who has a strong sense of responsibilities as he/she carries out his/her daily tasks.
• a dignified human person who lives in simplicity and with joy.
• an academic achiever and a skillful learner who gratefully recognizes that such excellence comes from God.
• a self-disciplined citizen who conscientiously obeys leaders and courageously faces issues on justice and peace.
• a responsive individual who practically meets challenges and willingly serves the community where he belongs.
• one who is vigilant and concerned over environmental issues and acts upon its preservation.
• a true Marisian who is faithful and supportive to her Alma Mater and embraces forever the charism of Saint Candida Maria de Jesus, the Mother Foundress.