School Uniform and Grooming

Prescribed Official School Uniform

1. Boys

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Students must be in long khaki pants, standard polo shirt with school seal on the left pocket and black leather shoes with white socks. Use of earrings, dark glasses and headbands are not allowed.

  1. Girls

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High School girls must be in checkered skirt (below the knee length); white blouse with checkered tie, white socks and low-cut black leather shoes. Undershirts / chemise should be white.

Use PE uniforms with white rubber shoes only during PE day and other days as prescribed by the administration. The validated SMAD identification card forms part and parcel of the complete uniform of the pupil or student. On certain occasions, casual attire takes the place of the uniform. Shorts, strapless or sleeveless tops and other revealing attire for girls and muscle shirts and undershirts for boys are not allowed.

Haircut and Grooming

One’s external appearance speaks of one’s personal dignity and self-respect. The way a person carries himself/herself speaks a lot about the kind of person he/ she is.

A student should come to school in a well-pressed, clean uniform.

Boys: 1. Hair must be properly groomed and trimmed. Regular haircut must not go beyond the eyebrow and should not touch the collar nor cover the ears. The specified haircut is 1″ x 2″.

  1. Standing and punk styles are not allowed.
  2. Beards, sideburns, goatees, moustache, intentional baldness (skin head), and use of hair dyes are similarly discouraged.
  3. Earrings, tongue and body piercing headband and , dark glasses for boys are strictly prohibited.
  4. Nails must be trimmed short and not polished.


  1. Hair should not be combed in public places. A general appearance of cleanliness is desirable and is expected at all times.
  2. Punk or standing hairstyles are not allowed.
  3. Hair dyes are discouraged.
  4. Make-up such as eyeliner, lipgloss or lipstick, blush on, eye shadows and mascara is not allowed.
  5. Nails must be trimmed short and not polished.
  6. Multiple earrings, tongue and body piercing are strictly prohibited.

As part of the school’s trust on simplicity, she should refrain from wearing expensive jewelry, dangling earrings and other unnecessary accessories. She should use her dress properly when she goes to public places. Discreet ways of dressing often makes people give her that respect and esteem she deserves. She avoid using school uniform in public places, especially places of doubtful reputation.