The Logo and the School Hymn



Underlying Theme:

Stella Maris Academy of Davao is a community of the children of Mary — Star of the Sea — Stella Maris: hence Marisians.

Central Design: The circle symbolizes the whole world.  IHS and Star:  IHS stands for Jesus, Savior of mankind.

Colors: Blue and White

Overall Pattern:

Star stands for Mary, the Star of the Sea, who receives Her light from Jesus, the Sun of Justice, and radiates it to the whole world.

The waves remind us of the continuing struggle of men and women over the waves of trials and tribulations which are ever present in the world.

Blue – a symbol of strength that each Marisian should possess in order to achieve victory in life.

White – a symbol of purity which characterizes Mary’s true children.

The round-shaped pattern in which the IHS and Star of the Sea are contained reminds all that the Stella Maris Community is in the world shining with Jesus and Mary.

(Chinese Characters) MOTTO: Stella Maris Academy of Davao in Chinese language

Respice Stellam Look to the Star. The school guides Learners in finding Christ through Mary, the Star of the Sea, so that other people will also find Christ. In so doing the Learners, as well as other people, shine out as children of Mary — the Marisians and Christians.




Come raise, oh raise a happy cheer
Let voices blend in accents clear
In praise of our dear school.
Stella Maris forever true
Stella Maris all hail to you
You lead our gladsome youth in radiant ways of truth.

As your name so well implies
Shining like a beacon light
Stands our dear school,
Stella Maris Realm of Mary, Queen of Light.

Here we learn the ways of life.
Here we’re ready for our strife.
Knowledge is our goal
Knowledge of the things on earth
Knowledge of the soul.

(Repeat Chorus)

In its classroom it imparts
Noble lessons day by day
Forming eager minds and hearts
In a gentle loving way
Hope its watchword,
Love its rule Is there such another school?
Loyal we will be, to our dear Stella Maris
Loyal we will be.