Ignacian Values Master Chart

The Ignacian Values Master Chart (IVMC) presents a list of values that express the spirituality of Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo, the foundress of the Religious of the Virgin Mary, originally known as the Beaterio de la Compañia de Jesus.

The first edition in 2006 of IVMC by the RVM Education Ministry contains the three Ignacian core values of faith, excellence and service and their corresponding related values (faith: strong faith in God, prophetic witness to gospel values, nationalism, justice, communion; excellence: integrity, competence, resourcefulness, discipline, self-reliance; service: stewardship, humility, charity, courage, preferential love of the poor) with behavioral indicators.

The IVMC was expanded in the 2009 edition to include the Ignacian values wheel, definition of each core value, scripture texts for each value and behavioral indicator with teachings from Mother Ignacia as expressed in the 1726 Rules and examples from her life. The IVMC has been useful for the formulation of the RVM schools graduate attributes and continues to serve as a guide for understanding the spiritual legacy of Mother Ignacia.