Student Services


The collection of the library includes both print and non print materials. The book collection covers an adequate range of reading materials in different subject areas. There are enough subscriptions of the periodicals both local and foreign to cater the needs of the clientele. The collection also includes the multi media version of Britannica Encyclopaedia, Compton’s Encyclopaedia and other available CD-ROM reference collections that can be accessed at the work stations.

Guidance Services

The Guidance Center offers programs consisting of professional services which aim to assist the students in their total development. The services are counselling, individual inventory, formation service, referrals, vocational and emotional guidance, testing orientation and follow-up. Advisers assist in rendering guidance services.

Health Services

The Health Center provides health assistance and awareness to the students.The school conducts annual physical and dental check-up for all students. The students report to the Clinic for check-up as scheduled. The medial services being offered are annual physical examinations, consultations, immediate actions on accidents or sudden illness occurring in the school premises.

The dental services being offered are annual oral examination and prompt treatment to common mouth problems.