Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives


We, the community of St. Mary’s Academy of Dalaguete imbued with the Ignacian Spirituality of Humble Servanthood witness the loving compassion of Jesus. We develop capabilities and nourish moral growth and institutional responsibility towards internal and social renewal.


Mission Statement

We commit ourselves:

  1. to promote a culture of appreciation, support and harmony for our school to be leaven of social transformation

  2. to follow faithfully God’s Will and strengthen life of prayer for moral growth and institutional responsibility.

  3. to pursue constantly innovative programs, approaches and educational strategies to develop world class Ignacian Marian graduates.

  4. to form Ignacian Marian leaders who witness to Faith, Excellence and Service.

  5. to assist the administration in its efforts to augment the financial resources of the school.

  6. to support actively the school’s program and educational assistance for the poor and the needy.

  7. to administer the school following Catholic doctrine


St. Mary’s Academy of Dalaguete, Cebu Inc. is a Catholic School that is an instrumentality of the Congregation of the Religious of the Virgin Mary that aims to provide within its community of students and personnel Catholic values. Its goals is to provide an educational program and environment animated by Catholic doctrine , beliefs, teachings, traditions and practices, the exercise of which is protected by, among others , Article III, Section 5 of the Philippine Constitution.

In order for us to approximate our vision and live our mission, we dedicate all our efforts and resources to transform the members of St. Mary’s Academy of Dalaguete, Cebu Inc. family to become life giving, empowered, pro-active and God fearing Christian Leaders serving God and others , living in a just and humane society.


With the Christian Philosophy of Education in mind - that is the development of the individual in his physical, social intellectual, moral and spiritual efficiency, St. Mary’s Academy of Dalaguete, Cebu Inc. in consonance with its mission and vision has the following for her goals:

  • To provide a learning atmosphere that will help students learn and make appropriate application in their lives;

  • To equip them with skills for productive endeavor and thus prepare them for work in the real world and/or for further studies in higher education.

The Grade School Objectives

At the completion of the Elementary Education the St. Mary’s Academy of Dalaguete graduate is expected to:

  1. acknowledge GOD’S as Father and Creator, Jesus as Brother and Redeemer, Mary as Mother, persons as brothers and sisters in the Holy Spirit;

  2. initiate and live on the ideals of Venerable Mo. Ignacia del Espiritu Santo (the Christian way of life) and the Blessed Virgin Mary;

  3. have mastered adequate basic foundation for secondary education; and have developed skills, attitudes and values essential to his/ her personal growth and development;

  4. show allegiance to the National ideals and able to respond to community’s needs and concerns, especially the poor;

  5. appreciate one’s own cultural heritage and actively involve in its development and progress; and

  6. relate profitably to the world of work and creativity in order to experience honest and gainful work.

The High School Objectives

Given a wholesome atmosphere and varied opportunities for learning, the St. Mary’s Academy of Dalaguete High School Completers should be able to:

  1. witness a dynamic love of God, a sense of personal worth and respect for others, especially the poor, able to relate harmoniously and effectively with family, school, church and country as a whole;

  2. enrich life through an appreciation of the Filipino heritage and love of what is just, the true and the noble;

  3. manifest intellectual curiosity, analytical and logical thinking; develop interest and attitude necessary to succeed in college and to choose career wisely;

  4. demonstrate academic excellence, skills, habits, attitudes and desirable values to meet the demands of the changing society;

  5. identify vocational interest; develop and actualize them to become a worthy and effective member of the home, community and nation;

  6. show refinement in behavior, language and manners befitting the young and the Educated;

  7. exhibit physical fitness, discipline and endurance in day to day Life;

  8. apply and understand scientific and mathematical knowledge and methods to solve problems, to make use of technology and understanding its limitations;

  9. manifest intellectual awareness in keeping and preserving physical environment (Ecosystem).